Filmfare Awards 2018 Hairstyles Decoded

Courtesy: Filmfare | Instagram (@style.cell) It was that time of the year again when all the tinsel town beauties gathered in one place to flaunt their best looks. The red carpet of the 63rd Jio Filmfare Awards 2018 gave us a whole lot of fashion and hair inspiration. We’ve decoded 3 of our favourite hairstyles from the memorable starry night for you to try at home Filmfare Awards 2018 Hairstyles Decoded Sonam Kapoor Filmfare Awards 2018 Hairstyle Courtesy: Instagram (bbhiral) 1. Sonam Kapoor’s Sleek Ponytail Sonam Kapoor looked the definition of chic at the 63rd Jio Filmfare Awards 2018. Her black Vera Wang dress was a big highlight of course, but it’s her hairstyle that stole the show. It’s simple, and yet pulled off with such a brilliance – something only our fashion queen Sonam can do.To recreate her hairstyle, follow these easy steps: Step 1 After a good hair wash, apply the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum evenly on towel-dried, damp hair. Make sure you stay away from the scalp while applying the serum, and focus on the mid-lengths and ends. This will make sure that your hair remains smooth, soft, and glossy once dried. Step 2 Comb your hair out to detangle them completely, and then start with the styling. Part your hair in the center and tie your hair in a clean and low-hanging ponytail. Tie it with a thin, transparent or black hairband. Step 3 To give it a spotlight-ready finish, use the BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish for Instant Shine on the ponytail so that it’s silky smooth, set, and shiny throughout the night. Evelyn Sharma Filmfare Awards 2018 Courtesy: Fashion Lady 2. Evelyn Sharma’s Braided Bun Evelyn Sharma achieved hair goals at the Filmfare Awards 2018 with her unique braided bun. Check out how you can achieve this look with easy steps: Step 1 Apply the BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream on towel-dried damp hair before you do anything else. This will ensure that your hair is frizz-free with no fly-aways when the hair has dried. You want your bun to look clean and smooth, after all. Step 2 Time to style it up when the hair has dried. First take some amount of your front hair and create a center parting between them, to make a braid on each side. Make a thin cornrow braid on each side so that the rest of your hair is cleanly parted from the front braids. Step 3 Once the braids are created, pin the ends of both the braids with the rest of the loose hair at the nape. Now take all the loose hair to tie it in a clean, low bun, pinning it with a bobby pin or if you want, a nice bling hairpin. Best Filmfare Awards 2018 Hairstyles Courtesy: Fashion Lady 3. Divya Kumar’s Crown Braid The Snow White beauty Divya Khosla Kumar looked absolutely ethereal in her white Tanieya Khanuja gown, but her hairstyle was the highlight of the look. Let’s decode Divya’s beautiful crown braid in three easy steps – Step 1 Start by making a side-parting and then create one thick braid. Tie it with a transparent or thin black hairband. Step 2 Wrap the braid over your head like a crown, pinning the end of it within the bun that is formed with the circular wrap of the braid. Tug at the faux-bun a little to make it a bit voluminous and fuller. Step 3 Tug at the front hair below the crowned braid to give a soft frame to your face. Finish the look with the BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish for Instant Shine to keep it shiny and set for the whole night. With all this hair inspiration from the red carpet, we bet you want to see more of your favourite celebrity looks. Check out the Best Looks from the Filmfare Awards 2018.
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