5 Easy Hair Care Tips For Your Dry Winter Hair

Love your hair this winter? Guess what! You can make them love you back .Its time you start becoming a little bit more possessive about your hair. Pamper your hair to protect it from several scary winter elements, and no we don’t mean those dark and scary winter nights. Christmas and New Year parties will be just around the corner and you really don’t want that dry, lifeless hair to mess up your sassy, sexy look do you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. BBLUNT ‘s 5 Tips to care for dry and lifeless winter hair 1. We have only one condition - Condition Do not forget to condition your hair after you shampoo it. Dry heat and cold weather pull out the moisture from your hair. Not to forget, dry hair breaks very easily, so do not forget to deeply condition your hair regularly and use an intensive care conditioner for better care. 2. Cover up your clothes & your hair If you know you’re going to step out in the dry heat and cold temperature do not forget to put on a wraparound scarf. Apart from adding that extra layer and style, it will also protect your hair. So step out in your clothes, your favorite pair, but don’t forget to also cover up that hair. 3. Trim in time What are you waiting for, Christmas? Well then now’s the time. If you’re actively growing your hair, don’t forget to trim it regularly. This will prevent your hair from becoming dry and won’t cause much breakage. 4. Don’t keep it wet in this weather We know it’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you act cold towards your hair! Going out with wet hair, in the cold dry weather is the worst thing you could do. You could catch a massive cold and hair a frizz fest going on above your head. So don’t wash and walk out the door, stay home and wait till it dries. 5. When it’s cold, stay away from the heat We mean appliances like curling irons & straighteners. You don’t want to dry it out even more. Keep your hair hydrated and avoid the heat, even though we know it’s tempting. Try using a Leave-in Creams and conditioners along with a diffuser to keep it styled. Check out BBLUNT's product range to help you cope with that roughness of the cold weather. Style your hair, even in the dry, winter air.
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