5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Hair Straightening

A change in hairstyle can spice up an otherwise mundane look instantly and with great hair products at your disposal, one can go from curly hair to straight hair in minutes. But ladies, as much as you love your hair straightener, you need to make sure you are doing it right. Keep these 5 tips in your head and rock those locks every time you chose to go straight (we are just referring to your hair). 5 tips to get the most out of Hair Straightening 1. Pick the Right Hair Straightener Don’t compromise here. If you invest in a good flat iron, you will take the first step towards preventing hair damage. Pick a straightener which is made up of ceramic plates and tourmaline. Ceramic plates will ensure even heating while tourmaline will keep your hair shining and frizz free. 2. Dry it out You MUST make sure your hair is dry before you get down to straightening your hair. Heating your wet hair could make the water reach its boiling point and you could face hair breakage. Blow drying or air drying your hair prior to heating would be a good option. 3. Prep before the heat Always use a hair serum that will protect your hair from any potential damage a heating tool can cause. Use a small quantity in towel dried hair and spread evenly. This will protect your hair from the heat as well as pollution. 4. Voluminous is achievable If you feel that straightening your hair will cut down on your volume and make your hair look limp, then there’s a definite way out. Using a hair volumizing spray on your roots will help you achieve that full blown volume. 5. Brush it away Make sure you hair is de-tangled before you start styling it. If you are dealing with extreme curls then use a brush while straightening your hair too. It will get you dead straight hair with much ease. To get through your straightening routine with ease, consider using BBLUNT’s Linear II Professional Hair Straightener. Our Blown Away Leave-In Volumizing Spray, will give you high volume, while the Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave-In Cream will protect your hair from potential heat damage.
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