Flattering Hairstyles for Long Faces

Every face is unique. Its features, proportions and shape condition the choice of acceptable hairdos. Hairstyles for long faces are not a big problem.  If you know what kind of hairstyles to choose to flatter your physical parameters, you may make your long face appear perfectly oval or at least extremely charming and sweet. With the following hairstyles, you will never have a single doubt about whether you look gorgeous. Read on to embrace those long faces the next time you step out!

1. Wavy Side-Part Hairstyle

Give the old side part a fresh, fun new update by pairing it with a gorgeous deep side part. While this style looks incredible with ponytails, we’re loving the chic side parting that is spotted by famous celebrities. To start with, apply some of the BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoo for Instant Freshness in Spring Fling on the roots of your hair spraying six inches away from your scalp. Rub the dry shampoo once applied and run your fingers through your hair. This will give your hair refreshed look and added texture. Now, with the help of a tail comb to part your hair and gather on one desired side. Grab small sections from the crown area and secure them with some bobby pins. Now, with the help of a wide curling iron wrap the strands of your hair in a loose manner not too firm. This will help form a natural wave. Hold it for 5 minutes and voila! There you have it wavy side part hairstyle perfect to flaunt your long beautiful face.

2. Side-Parted Lob Hair

Want your hairstylist to pick up the shears, but don't want to go too short? Lobs and bobs are short, sophisticated, and surprisingly low maintenance. No matter your natural hair texture, a chin-length will accentuate your jawline while saving minutes off your getting-ready routine. The timeless and chicest hairstyle that will help you enhance your facial features. Don’t shy away, style them the way you want with confidence. For your side-parted lob hair apply some of the BBLUNT Anti-Frizz Climate Control Leave-In Cream which gives your hair smooth and manageable feel. It is made with the goodness of Hydrolyzed Keratin, Quinoa and Provitamin B5 which help your hair protection from heat styling damage and environment. Get your hair styling with this look and flaunt it at your next outing.

3. Asymmetrical Chopped Lob

When it comes to finding a hairstyle that’s as unique as it is stylish, you need to throw out the rulebook. After all, a traditional cut may look nice, but it’s far from innovative. An asymmetrical style, however, can be incredibly exciting and chic. With one side longer than the other, this modern cut is perfect for cool girls who like to stand out. Best of all, it’s easy to tailor an asymmetrical style to suit your tastes. From pixie cuts to lobs and even long locks, there’s an option for everyone. To style your asymmetrical chopped hairstyle apply some of the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Serum to give your hair hydration and nourishment. It is enriched with Avocado, Jojoba, Argan Oil and Vitamin E. The perfect partner to maintain your lob hairstyle.

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