Four of Alia's awesome-est hairdos

When it comes to hairstyles, Alia Bhatt is a winner! She gives all the girls fashion goals with her impeccable sartorial choices. Every time Alia Bhatt comes in front of camera, there is a brand new peppy hairstyle, that makes us all gape at her in awe. This bubbly yet gorgeous looking actress has always been spotted wearing amazing hairdos.

alia bhatt ponytail hairstyle

1. Tight Ponytail Style

Alia has the right attitude to pull off the simplest as well as the most complex of hairstyles! The actress was spotted wearing this gorgeous outfit after a film event. We couldn’t take our eyes off her in this simple yet elegant hairstyle. If you’re headed out and are sporting a casual look too, you can easily recreate this hairdo at home. Just apply to keep your hair hydrated and smoothen out the frizz for a sleek ponytail. Now, gather your hair together and tie it to make a tight sleek ponytail and you’re done!

alia bhatt half ponytail hairstyle

2. Half-raised Ponytail

This long grey blazer paired up with black jeans is the most stylish casual look we’ve seen in recent times. Whether you’re off to the airport, or just spending a day shopping at the mall, you can easily pull off this hairstyle and prep for it in no time! To get this hairdo, you just have to take a part of your hair and tie it with a hair clip to secure it and keep it in place. Applying before you make this hairstyle helps take care of that rebellious frizz and keeps your hair looking as smooth as possible.

alia bhatt middle partitioned look

3. Middle Partitioned Look

Alia Bhatt has been spotted in this hairstyle several times. This easy and comfy hairstyle is the perfect combination of fashion and freedom. No doubt her outfit couldn’t have got a better hairstyle than this! The initial prep for creating this look includes conditioning your hair with to hydrate and give your hair a healthy-looking bounce. Then take small sections of your hair and blow-dry each of them thoroughly. Make sure you use a barrel brush and blow-dry your hair outwards to get bouncy looking curls and girl you’re ready! alia bhatt puff hairstyle

4. The Puff Hairdo

Alia looks adorable and elegant in this stylish half up and half down hairdo. She looks extremely charming and so can you, with this hairstyle which is really easy to create. You can sport this look when you are out for a brunch with your girlfriends or just heading out for a casual family dinner. Start with adding a bit more volume to your hair with the Then take the crown section of your hair and pin it up to make a puff just like Alia. If you are looking to get more waves at the ends of your hair, use a hair straightener and twist your strands to get those envious waves. Want to know more about what other trends women are sporting these days? Do check out, Top Hair Trends From Around The World.

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