4 Travel Tips To Protect Your Hair

Travel makes us wiser, smarter and richer, but this may not always be the case for our hair. You might be exploring the back waters of Kerala, or the exotic lanes of Istanbul and your hair isn’t really letting you? Don’t let anything stand in the way of you and your adventurous life! Take control, and make sure that your hair doesn’t trouble you, and looks gorgeous as you globetrot. Here are 4 Travel Tips To Protect Your Hair, when you’re wandering the world 1. Always plan your air fare along with your hair care Planning to book air tickets in advance, is first on every traveller’s check list, be sure to make your hair a priority as well! You won’t be that pleased if you walk off the flight with hair that’s frizzy or flat. Don’t start off your holiday on a bad hair day, and carry travel companions for your hair, they need good company too. 2. Make your hair adaptable to hot & humid Weather around the world is different, so find out about the climate before you reach your destination so you can learn various up do’s and styles to look lovely, whatever the weather. 3. Protect your strands from the sun Don’t only focus on the sun blocks and UVs for your skin, give a little attention to your strands as well! You don’t want them sunburnt, or damage by too much heat while you’re ‘holidaying in the sun’ so carry a cap or a hat along with a stylish hairstyle and you’re good to go. 4. Dive in, thinking about the damage Life is a beach, so go explore as much as you can! Relaxing on the beach and diving into swimming pools are the most awaited part of any holiday. The chlorine from the pools and excess salts from the sea can dry out and damage your hair, so be sure to condition it with a reliable product before you go in. Along with these trustworthy tips, don’t forget to carry along our hair experts with you on your holiday with - BBLUNT’s Minis!
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