4 Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Heat

Every girl likes to style her hair and give it that extra edgy oomph! But as you know ladies, everything nice comes at a price. We use appliances to style our hair daily and ruin it with the heat, leading to split ends, rough edges and dry & lifeless hair. BBLUNT encourages you to give your hair a breather and hold back from all the heat! We give you our list of ways to curl your hair without any heat and still look HOT! (Get it?) Here’s 4 ways on how to curl your hair, with absolutely no heat involved: 1. Ready To Go Rollers The good ol’ Old school way on how to curl your hair, passed down from generations of mum’s and grand mums! Do it the old fashioned way. Rollers create gorgeous curls with absolutely no damage to your luscious locks. Just put them on overnight and wake up with some crazy curls. Curl, sleep, No heat, Repeat. 1 2. Socks, No Seriously, SOCKS This way to curl your hair is a bit unconventional, but sure does the trick. However keep it clean! No one wants their freshly curled hair to smell like dirty gym socks. Draw up a section of hair and wrap it around the sock, working from the tip to the root. Secure the sock by tying the ends. Repeat until you have tied up all your hair, and then let it dry. Voila! Finally something you can do with torn socks. 2 3. Behold, The Braid Braid-ce yourselves. Don’t dry your hair when you wash it, simply pat it with a towel, and braid it in either - a long one or several small ones. Comb it out when done and find yourself some no-heat voluminous waves! 3 4. All Hail The Headband Get ready from some gorgeous loose curls that last you for more than 2 days! All you have to do is take an elastic headband, wrap it around your forehead and slowly draw up sections of your hair. Tuck these sections of hair around your headband so that they are coming towards you (sort of like a French braid). Leave it overnight and wake up to slowly remove the headband leaving you some wonderful waves! 4 We recommend - BBLUNT’s Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream as well as Our High Definition Curl Defining Leave-In Cream, to avoid any frizz and enhance your curls and waves. Go ahead show your curls some love!
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