Frizzy Hair Diaries - Things You Should Never Do To Frizzy Hair

Curly hair? Yes. Wavy hair? Yes. But frizzy hair? That̢‰s a big no-no for everyone. Frizz tends to be a buzz kill when you̢‰re having a remotely good hair day. Well, we can̢‰t control the weather, but we can control other things! Check out how you can steer clear from all the frizz.

Frizzy Hair Diaries - Things You Should Never Do To Frizzy Hair

1. Stand Next To The AC The air conditioning blasting on your cuticles causes instant frizz, making us all cringe.

2. Rushed Pony Tails Another thing to say no to, is those quick wet ponytails we make when our hair is wet and dripping all over. This actually ends up creating even more hair havoc.

3. Pulling Back Tightly Pulling back your hair tightly, when it̢‰s already wet, adds additional strain to the already soft roots, leading to breakage and additional frizz. You should go for a lose braid instead. Here are a few tips on how to have fun without the frizz! 1. Air Dry your hair 90% before using the hair dryer. Remember adding direct heat to hair, leaves it dry! 2. Tame your tresses with water based products, whenever possible. 3. Use a Wide Toothed comb or your fingers to spread the natural oils all throughout your hair. 4. Always tie a lose ponytail to avoid breakage and frizz. 5. Keep a dry shampoo handy during the summer So stay away from a few things, take that little extra care, and ditch that frizz. Go ahead, and have fun without frizz this summer!

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