6 Hair Hacks Every Girl With Frizzy Hair Should Know

Frizz is the unwanted guest on a good hair day! Once it strikes it becomes difficult to stop. With a few simple tricks, you don۪t ever have to worry about frizzy hair days. To get that fabulous mane is easy if you follow the routine. 6 Hair Hacks Every Girl With Frizzy Hair Should Know 1. Cold mode on When blow drying your hair, make sure to use cold air. The cold air makes your hair look smooth and shiny and removes the chances of frizz. 2. T-shirt vs Towel Instead of drying your hair with a towel, use a T-shirt to remove the excess water. The cotton t-shirt is less rough on your hair cuticle and reduces the frizz. The towel tends to drain out all the water leaving the hair looking frizzy and dry. 3. Cold Water Every time you shampoo your hair use cold and not hot water. The cold water helps to close the hair cuticles and reduce the chances of frizz. 4. Silk Pillowcase Less frizz, less wrinkles when you sleep on your silk pillowcase. Your hair stays knot and frizz free when you get some beauty sleep on that silk pillowcase! 5. Hand lotion for hair To curb those rebellious fly aways, use a bit of hand lotion on them to keep them looking smooth and make sure they don۪t fly away. 6. Wide toothed comb When your hair is wet, use a wide-toothed comb to minimize the frizz and remove the knots. This way it will look shiny and healthy when it is dried.
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