How To Get Anushka Manchanda̢‰s Ultra Feminine Yet Feisty Look For Maxim

Get Anushka Manchanda's Hairstyle For Maxim

She̢‰s known for her extroverted and extravagant nature and also her bold style statements! Our very own angry Indian goddess, Anushka Manchanda never fails to make an impression. The actor & singer is talented on-screen and in her sense of fashion. Her neon dress ripped jeans and the occasional floral crop top really stand out amongst all the fashion clutter we see in the industry. She stuns us with her effortlessly sexy look on the cover of Maxim̢‰s March issue. Her hairstyle is best suited for hair with natural movement and great texture! Her dishevelled hair was paired with a sultry bikini and loose denim overshirt. Bold enough for Anushka Manchanda? Hell yes! Check out how you can get her ultra-feminine yet feisty look as well. How To Get Anushka Manchanda̢‰s Ultra Feminine Yet Feisty Look For Maxim Step 1 Just after your shower you must towel dry your hair before you apply anything. Take a coin size of BBLUNT̢‰s Climate Control Leave-in-Cream, begin by evenly applying it on your hair, focusing on mid-lengths and ends. Keep away from the scalp. Always remember, the older hair that̢‰s your length needs maximum conditioning always.

Anushka Manchanda Hairstyles 1

Step 2 Attach the diffuser to BBLUNT̢‰s iR Professional Hair Dryer, change the setting to slow speed and medium heat. Gather the lengths of your hair into the diffuser and continue drying section by section until your hair is almost dry. Anushka Manchanda Hairstyles 2

Step 3 Power dry your hair by constantly moving the dryer around the head with a circular motion to encourage the hair̢‰s natural movement and body. Repeat this until your hair is completely dry.

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Step 4 You can use a fine mist of BBLUNT̢‰s Spotlight Hair Polish spray followed by the hairdryer on a cold air setting for added shine and texture. With the use of your fingers, settle your hair into place.

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