Get Sonam Kapoor’s Dheere Dheere Look In 6 Easy Steps

Don’t we all adore Sonam Kapoor’s sense of style? Whether it’s a movie or just daily life, she always looks fabulous from hair to toe. Yet again, her ‘’Dheere Dheere’’ look blew us away. Her stylish and cute waterfall braids went perfectly with her white wedding gown. This hair style is not a common one in Bollywood but Sonam carried it off with ample grace. Get Sonam Kapoor’s Dheere Dheere Look In 6 Easy Steps Step 1 Comb your hair and make sure it is straight; we don’t want any knots interfering with the braid now, do we? Take a portion of your hair from the front, bring it towards the back of your head and divide it into 3 parts. Step 2 Bring the bottom part over the middle part, and then the top part over the middle part (like how you would start a regular braid/plait). Step 3 Take another part of your hair from the crown area and add it to the top part of your braid. Bring the top part (the one you added to) over the middle part. Step 4 Grasp the bottom part of your hair with your little finger. Drop the part of your hair which you have on your pinkie, and get another part from the bottom (to replace it). Step 5 Bring the new part over the middle part. Continue doing this until you get halfway around your head and pin it up with a bobby pin. Step 6 Repeat the same process the other side and that’s it! Pro Tip Use BBLUNT’S Linear II Professional Hair Straightener for a more refined and professional look. You can wear this Sonam Kapoor hairstyle with a floral retro dress and even a floral skirt for a complete Dheere Dheere look!
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