Get Your Vitamin On! Check Out The Right Vitamins To Take For Your Hair

Ladies, get your vitamin on! If you cannot follow a well- rounded diet, then take supplements to get your hair game strong. Take a look below, to know what you need to be stacking up! Get this hair stash and take the day by a big smash. Get Your Vitamin On! Check Out The Right Vitamins To Take For Your Hair 1. Vitamin E Those leafy greens and almonds are what your hair needs. Vitamin E increases blow circulation to your scalp. This makes your hair glossy and gives it strength. Kale and other leafy greens give your hair the same result. Say yes to green! 2. Vitamin D This helps get rid hair loss and leaves your hair looking healthy. Omega tablets and fish are rich in Vitamin D and nourish your mane. It stimulates follicle growth and makes your hair look thicker and balanced. 3. Vitamin C Natural antioxidants helps the body and hair. Yellow bell peppers, oranges, guavas, berries, kiwi, sweet potatoes and broccoli are all excellent vitamins to consume. This gives more fibre to your hair follicles and increases the hair growth. 4. Vitamin A A for moisture. If your hair is feeling dry lately, you need some vitamin A to control the problem. This prevents dullness and dry ends. Sweet potatoes, carrots and pumpkin, all protect your hair and give it that sparkle. 5. Zinc If your hair is starting to thin, zinc is your mane friend! Eat more eggs, sweet potatoes and chickpeas. If you can’t stick to this diet then take some supplements to do the trick. Stay away from styling tools and let your hair look natural and healthy instead.
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