Getting It Straight Is The Latest Trend In Hairstyling

Urvi Chauhan, senior salon director of BBLUNT, says, ̢The fact that everyone wants soft shiny manageable hair that is low on maintenance makes straightening very popular. Young girls like to wear their hair straight as it is more manageable like that and they don̢‰t really need to blow-dry their hair every time. The price for one sitting varies depending on the length and density of the hair. Women these days are open to experimenting and follow global trends closely. They are highly influenced by their favourite stars going straight or showing off their curls, urging them to try a similar look. Also, clients prefer straightening done once than regular, continuous blow-drying which can damage their hair. So over the years the market for hair treatments has surely grown.̢ She also adds, ̢When we talk about its negative effects, I must tell you it̢‰s not harmful if done professionally as the product contains an ingredient which also nourishes and conditions the hair. It also doesn̢‰t lessen the hair volume if maintained and looked after well. We recommend using a moisturising shampoo and climate control leave-in creams for its best upkeep.̢ For further information click here.
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