Gia Kashyap Embraces Her Curls With BBLUNT

Call me childish, but i get the most excited about shoots that involve fun props. Especially this shoot as it pushed me beyond my comfort zone. One thing that i have realised in life, if something pushes you outside your comfort zone, it allows you to grow. Here’s a little story about this shoot: It took me around 2 months to plan it and we finally got a chance to execute it last month. For this shoot, i decided to go with a fun “After-party theme” as that’s what BBLUNT is all about. The way i go about shoot involves a lot of planning. I create a mood board, scout for references, work around a theme and then discuss it with my photographer. it’s really vital to discuss your idea with your photographer as he/she would know whether it’s possible to accomplish your imagination in a particular way. This project was definitely a test to our creative skills! Usually, when i get an idea i scribble it in my notebook. It’s impossible for people to understand what i have written or drawn but it’s almost like a secret language/code that only i understand. I have always wanted to shoot with external lights. I have a huge ring light at home that i click with from time to time. However, nothing like renting out a bunch of lights and working with them! This concept wouldn’t have come to life without an open-minded photographer, Karanjit who understands my need for details. It was an honour to work with a brand you have always loved as it’s in sync with what you believe in. Beauty and Fashion should be fun and not a mundane task. BBLUNT gets that! When I met the style director Mr. Rohan at the BBLUNT Khar salon, he told me how their salons avoid chemical treatments and request their customers to embrace their natural texture. I wouldn’t deny that I enjoy straightening my hair but at times, I just want to let things be the way they are. My curly hair has major mood-swings but the one way I can control it is by using a good leave-in conditioner. Do you see the hot pink bottle in the images? That’s the BBLUNT High Definition Curl – Curl Defining Leave-In Cream. What does it do? Other than smelling like a dream, it keeps your curls in place. It enhances your waves and defines your curls and at the same time tames your frizzy hair too. Here’s how i use it: -Firstly, I thoroughly wash my hair with the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner for Seriously Dry Hair. This is a moisture-rich set that nourishes your -Once my hair is about 80% dry, I flip my hair upside down, gently and evenly apply the BBLUNT High Definition Curl – Curl-Defining Cream and scrunch my hair and let it air dry. Alternatively, you can blow dry with a diffuser for maximum blow-out. It’s – My hair is naturally curly, but you can always use a curling wand to get beautiful, luscious curls if you’re on the naturally straight side. This cream gives these curls more definition and leaves it smooth & glossy + it also protects from heat damage Say hello to manageable hair!
B87A3803B87A3242B87A3736Collage1B87A3390   This post is all about my curls. I’ve already told you how I achieved the look, now it’s time present to you a Lookbook of my voluminous, flowing tresses. But before that, I’m going to share something that I want all you ladies to know and follow. I believe that the only person you need to look like is you, and only yourself. This is also something that BBLUNT believes in, which is a major reason why I resonate with the brand so much. I’ve learnt how to embrace my naturally voluminous and curly hair. I admit it’s high maintenance and sometimes it looks like a hot mess, but hey, it’s these curls that define me. These curls represent my mood; they make their own fall, and give me a different look and feeling every single day! The best part is that my hair is imperfect, just like me, just like you. But remember, imperfection is beauty. Beauty needs appreciation and love. I show my hair lots of love using hair-experts BBLUNT products, which only enhance what I already have. Alright, now browse through my special Lookbook to see what I’m talking about! B87A3311bblunt B87A3289B87A3441 Untitled-1 B87A3869 new GIF-2 For more information, click here.
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