Go Long Go Sexy

Short hair may be all the rage right now, but long, lustrous hair has its own oomph factor. Here are some small and effective steps to get that mermaid-like mane. Go Long Go Sexy scissors to the rescue 1. Scissors To The Rescue It’s true! Frequent trimming ensures good growth. Don’t wait till those split ends are halfway to your scalp. Ideally, your hairstylist should cut roughly an inch every few weeks. grow inside out 2. Grow Inside-Out The right foods can go a long way in keeping hair healthy and strong. Proteins, nuts and whole grains should be your best friends. The nutrients and protein help in accelerating hair growth. cool off 3. Cool Off A cool cleanse at the end of your washing routine ensures the outer layer of your hair falls smoothly. This will prevent moisture loss and snags. its getting hot in here 4. It’s Getting Hot In Here Heat styling makes your hair look super glamorous but does extensive damage. Frequent usage causes breakage and split ends, which stop hair from growing. Make sure to give your hair a break from the high temperatures as this can slow down growth. oil is elixir 5. Oil Is Elixir Regularly moisturise your hair with oil treatments. The oils fill up the strands with fatty acids, which get locked in on shampooing and help in protecting your hair against styling damage. Take a look at these 6 Quick And Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair.
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