Get Priyanka Chopra's Vintage Hairstyle

Even though we love to stay in-sync with the current fashion trends, nothing beats the charm of a classic retro look. Talking about a retro hair do, the first image that flashes in front of our eyes is of Priyanka Chopra sporting a luscious retro bouffant. Seeking inspiration from this, we bring to you the best hairstyle to go vintage this season. Go Vintage This Season With Your Hairstyle 1. Tame The Frizz Frizzy unmanageable hair will do you no good. Hence, to work out the retro charm, first you need to take care of that fizziness. Use BBLUNT Climate Control, Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream on damp hair to get perfectly manageable hair. 2. Smoothen Out Things Take your hair drier and attach the concentrator nozzle to it. Use a big round brush and stretch out a section of your hair as you move the drier along its length. This will remove any unwanted waviness and will also smoothen out the entire look. 3. Get The Curls Use a large size iron tong and curl out only the ends. This gives a very natural texture and flip to the hair. 4. Get The Bouffant The essence of this retro look is the volume on the crown. For this, use BBLUNT B Hive Volume On Crown Clip-On Hair Extension. Part your hair a little below the crown and attach the clip-on extension. Back comb the parted section and spread out your hair so that the extension is completely covered. 5. Get The Shine Add glamourous shine to your final hair do with BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish, For Instant Shine. To get Priyanka Chopra's Oscar look, click here.
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