Got The Blues - Aditi Vyas Talks All Blue In Dna India

Aditi Vyas, style director and educator, BBLUNT feels silver, grey and blue are the colour trends quite on-fleek at the moment. "Hairdressers all over the world are really enjoying working with these cool colours. Black is used usually on the mid lengths and ends to make the contrast more striking or at the roots to give it the illusion of melt. Another colour trend to watch out for is Blue Black, big for the festive season. BBLUNT has it's very own range of non-committal temporary hair colours in Blue Velvet, Emerald Green even Blush Pink among many other variants called One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour. They're as easy as spray on and wash off! Even more, it looks great on both - men and women. In fact, it was a trend that originally did rounds with men's hair first. If done right, it can look both extremely cool and classy.People with naturally long, dark hair should do it in parts, more like peek-a-boo or just one section of your hair to show off. However people with lighter, finer and shorter hair can go for a global look with these colours." For more information, click here.
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