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Quite certainly, grey hair was pegged as one of the most unlikely hair trends of the year – but off late, it has been everywhere! Yes, we’re talking about how ‘granny hair’ is making a comeback. Silver hair hues are taking over social media, with bloggers and celebrities alike giving grey a go.
Hair stylists are noticing a rise in requests for this modern hair phenomena, and with some of the amazing looks we’ve spotted, we’re really not surprised.
To start off, grey hair is not just for the young and hip – a chunk of older celebrities have been embracing their grey locks for years now.
Instead of dying the roots and shying away from their grey hair, many have embraced it, and we’re are loving it! But just in case you still have a long way to get greys naturally, and yet intend to go the grey-way; you have to pre-lighten the hair to a clean white blonde and then color it with a customised grey mix tone.
Depending on your skin complexion, place the grey tones throughout the mid lengths and ends of the hair.
People with warmer skin tones and sensitive hair should avoid going grey. Also, it’s important to get the right hair cut, which would help show-off the colour better! And the right cut depends on your hair texture and type.
The pluses of sporting a streak of grey are a plenty: In addition to giving you a more poised appeal, they frame your face and draw attention to your facial features. You can opt for bangs, however, they should be light and well-trimmed or styled to one side.
If you’re somebody who loves to colour their hair at home, which is possible, ensure you seek expert advice. Most importantly, be doubly sure that you pick the right quality products which help maintain the shine and lustre of the hair.
With hair colour, you can identify a good quality product by it’s shine. While it isn’t a bad idea to try colouring your hair at home, remember that there are certain colour jobs where technique is involved that are best done by professionals. Which is the case with the grey colour trend.
Also, don’t forget to use the right shampoo and conditioner which moisturises your hair without adding build-up or stripping your hair of its natural oils.

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