Grooming Made Easy For Men - Outlook Travellers Travel Gear

Our range was featured in Outlook Traveller's travel gear for men! Check out what they have to say below. What to do about the messed up hair post bike rides and other outdoor activities? The mini range of BBlunt men۪s hair product is the answer. These travel-sized beauty products pass neatly under airline security radars. The universal favourite: the no-water-needed Back to Life dry shampoo. The Blow Away leave-in spray has fans among the bikers. Their tins of styling waxes and pomades are nifty too: 3D Wax (for spikes), It Matters (for curls), and Total Control (for the indecisive). Rs 100250, at BBlunt salons, Westside and Central stores. Check out the whole article here.
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