6 Great Accessories To Dress Your Hair Up This Season

This season is all about sparkle and shine! These hair accessories will amp up all those dull hair days to party ready. Ready to unleash these glitter party favours? Take a look below. 6 Great Accessories To Dress Your Hair Up This Season 1. Silky Headband This look will take you straight from the pool to the bar in minutes. For that messy pool hair just conceal it with a silky floral head band and you will look downright gorgeous. 2. Gold Is Genius For those bad hair days, throw that messy mane into a low ponytail with a bold gold hair tie and you will look chic as ever. A little bling never hurt nobody! 3. Simple Is Spectacular Just a little sparkle is all you need to brighten up your hair. A pearl studded gold chain is just right for those braid hair days. Twist and turn your hair and then add this sparkle tassel and voila you are done! 4. Floral Fun Going for a wedding and don’t know how to dress up your hair? Use an elegant floral comb to hold that high bun with class and grace. You can make a half-up half-down hairstyle and adorn your crown with this piece of glitz. 5. Go For Bobby Just a simple bobby pin can do wonders to a dull hair day. Pin up those flyways with some intricate bobby pins and see the difference it makes to your ensemble. 6. Turban Trend Doesn’t really matter the event you are gracing, the turban will always rescue your hair situation. A funky coloured turban with some solid coloured studs are just what you need this year. Click here to know hair accessories for the holiday season!
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