The 7 Must Have Hair Accessories Of The Season

Your mane too, needs something exciting to sport! Try the latest hair accessories that will add the oomph factor to your everyday looks. With so many types, you can choose your mane match! Take a look below and start accessorizing. The 7 Must Have Hair Accessories Of The Season 1. Ribbon It Up Looking elegant, never goes out of style. To amp up your hair game use ribbons as your go -to hair accessory. You can tie it around a bun, plait or even use it as a hair band. With so many ribbons around, you can mix and match it with any outfit you adorn. 2. Get The Barrette Style There are two types of barrette, one made of plastic and the other of wood. If you have long hair, you definitely need to invest in this hair accessory. With different varieties available, you can choose your special one! 3. Feel The Hat This is more of a hack for all the lazy girls out there! When your hair feels greasy and you don’t have time to wash it, the felt hat is the best accessory to cover it up and makes you look stylish as well. 4. Floral Crowns This season has seen some fun and bright floral crowns. You can dress up your look with a flowy maxi and soft curls. You can go for a different look by braiding your hair and adding the flower crown at the top. 5. Baseball Caps When you are having a bad hair day, the baseball cap is always here to rescue you! Usually our hair at the crown area gets oily and the ends stay dry. The baseball cap covers the crown area and lets your locks shine through at the ends.
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