Your Long Hair Needs Some TLC

Flaunt what you got and by that we mean your luscious long hair! It’s long and strong but taking care of that mane sometimes tends to be a real 9 to 5 job. We always want you to look your best and turn those heads around, so forget about those hair woes and take a quick peek below. Your Long Hair Needs Some TLC 1. The Band You Need To Listen To Choose the right rubber bands for your hair. Make sure those elastic bands don’t tug at your roots, ultimately breaking them. So don’t toy with you heart or your hair and invest in some plastic coil or scrunchy rubber bands. 2. Go Satin Or Go Home Normal cotton pillowcases tend to break your hair as you toss and turn while you sleep. Substitute the cotton ones with silk or satin pillowcases. They are soft on the hair and don’t pull at your strands while sleeping. What’s more? You will wake up every day with a pillow sans the hairfall! 3. The Manemate Go for a boar bristle brush or a wet brush for your hair. A boar bristle brush minimizes friction when you brush and leaves it looking silky. The wet brush is a versatile tool as the bristles bend around any tangles exuding less pressure on the hair. 4. Deep Condition Masks There’s always time for a massage! Your hair needs some downtime with deep conditioning masks. This will refresh your hair and replenish the moisture instantly. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself and you will know what we’re talking about! Check out How Your Haircare Regime Can Save The Enviornment.
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