Hair Care Tips For Men During The Monsoon

Be man enough to take on this monsoon! We are talking about your manly mane. For thick and sexy hair during the rainy season, take a look below. Hair Care Tips For Men During The Monsoon 1. Shampoo Less When you wash your hair too often, it strips off the natural oils from your hair and causes it to become brittle and dry. Conditioner on the other hand keeps your hair moisturized and set for the day. Don’t shampoo too often if you want good results. Try the BBLUNT conditioners to protect your hair from the monsoon. 2. Hair Care Products Use water based products for your hair. Never leave the house with wet hair at any cost. For the monsoon, avoid hair gel and hairsprays. These contain harsh chemicals and ultimately cause flake on your scalp. If you really do want to use a spray, go for a sea salt spray that will give your hair a good hold. Take a look at the BBLUNT range of styling products specially created for Indian hair and weather. 3. The Monsoon Trend The Virat Kohli hairstyle is perfect for the summer and monsoon. The bowl-cut with an undercut keeps your hair free from sweat and dust. If you want your hair longer, consult your stylist to get the look. 4. Beard Style If you have a round face, grow a beard that will give your face some definition. Just a small patch of hair on your chin will elongate and create that perfect oval face shape. Going for the full rugged look? Make sure you remember the maintenance you need for that beard. A beard needs good growth and not a patchy look to it. Now that you've learnt how to take care of your hair during the monsoon, check out some men's hairstyles that are here to stay!
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