Hair Care Tips You Must Know While You're Travelling

Whether you’re travelling for a meeting or exploring a new city you always need to be mane clad! While your hair takes in that beautiful breeze and scent of a foreign land, you need to make sure it always looks good doing it. Take a look at these tips that will take care of your hair, when you’re there! Hair Care Tips You Must Know While You're Travelling 1. The Essentials Your shampoo, conditioner and hairbrush are a must-have while travelling. Many hair care brands have travel size products, which are great to pack along with you. But if they aren’t available, buy empty 3 oz. bottles that are TSA approved and fill them with your own products.   2. Hair Accessories For all those trendy hairstyles, you need your favourite hair accessories to travel along with you. Your bobby pins and hair ties are a saviour for bad hair days or when you want to make that chic up do.   3. Dry Shampoo This magic potion, keeps your hair looking refreshed and healthy! Make sure you pack a small bottle of your preferred dry shampoo. BBLUNT’s Back To Life Dry Shampoo amps up your hair and makes it smooth. Oily hair? Ain’t nobody got time for that!   4. Hairstyle Game Strong Knowing a few easy hairstyles, will save you time while travelling! Check out these 5 Easy Hairstyles that will look great on your mane and all your travel snaps. Since you can’t carry the world of hair products with you, you can change things up in the maneworld, with your hairstyles.   5. Haircut? No Thank You Exploring a new place is something truly magical. But, make sure you don’t go overboard! You can buy hair accessories and products from the new land, however you must save that haircut for back home
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