Hair Colour Trends That You Should Try In 2022

Are you all set to walk into 2022 with the most gorgeous hair flip ever? With the new year coming up everyone has an urge to make changes in their life. And what better way to do it than changing your style? We are not just talking about fashion but also your HAIR! Your hair is your crowning glory and just a minor change in your hair game makes a lot of difference. 


Hair colour trends change every year and we're predicting that 2022 is going to be all about subtle but statement-making colour that doesn't require constant upkeep. That means low-maintenance colours in extra eye-catching shades. We have identified some of the hair colour trends that are going to be big in 2022.

4 Hair Colour Trends For 2022: 

#1 Fine Low Lights 

Fine Low Lights Hair Colour Trend | BBLUNT

Lowlights are darker pieces used to contrast over-highlighted sections of hair, create new shapes by colour blocking, and create multi-tone colours. These are done using foils or balayage. If you’re looking to change your hair colour, and want to do so subtly, and without a full hair transformation, lowlights are your best option.

#2 Golden Caramel Highlights 

Golden Caramel Highlights Hair Colour Trend | BBLUNT

Hair colour trends keep on coming back as a cycle. And it’s safe to say, the OG golden caramel highlights are back! The most appealing thing about this style is the vast variation in tones and hues. To see the remarkable colouring in all its glory, straighten your mane and promote a laid-back, underemphasized flick on the ends. 

#3 Chocolate Cherry 

Chocolate Cherry Hair Colour Trend | BBLUNT

Black Cherry is one of those hair colours that can range from super subtle to extremely vibrant. It's a colour to be favoured amongst those of us with a darker natural base colour. You can opt for  BBLUNT’s Salon Secret Cherry Red Hair Colour. It is specially made for Indian hair and gives the best result on dark hair. This rich pigment is a combination of deep violets and burgundy that can serve as an all-over natural-looking base with an amethyst sheen or it can be a more playful pop of colour mixed into your naturally dark hue.

#4 Soft Brown 

Soft Brown Hair Colour Trend | BBLUNT

This laid-back tone is perfect for the sweet brunette. Soft dimension on even the darkest hair gives the hair movement, adding that even black hair has variations intones. You can opt for the BBLUNT Salon Secret Honey Light Golden Hair Colour to get this subtle soft shade for your manes. 

Are you ready to take on 2022 with a bang? Pick your favourite latest hair colour trends out of these and make a difference with BBLUNT.

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