Hair Colour For Indian Skin Tones

Find yourself searching for questions like, “Hair Colour For Indian Women” or “Hair Colour For Indian Skin” on Google? Then, it is time to revamp your mane game! If you have been wanting to undergo a makeover and give yourself a 360-degree change then the best way to do so is by dipping your hair in a shade meant for your skin tone. We know the worries about a particular hair colour shade not suiting you but don’t jump off the colour train yet. All you need to do is learn how to pick the right hair colour shade for your skin. Indian skin holds a diverse plethora of rich undertones and the right hair colour for your skin is the one that doesn’t work against your skin tone. Hair colour for Indian women isn’t much of a tricky task, no matter how difficult it may seem. Scroll down to get some hair colour ideas for Indian skin.

Know Your Skin Tone

To have that head full of luscious locks, pick a colour that matches your skin tone. An easy trick to do the same is by checking your skin tone to see whether you tan or turn red under the sun. If you tend to tan, you have a warm skin tone but if you turn red you have a cool skin tone.

How To Find Out Your Skin’s Undertone?

Another important aspect to know when finding the right hair colour for Indian women is to identify the undertone of your skin. Don’t worry, as this is very simple to find out and no, you do not require any tools. All you need to is, check your wrists and take a close look at the colour of your veins. If your vein appears to be blue or purple, then you have a cool undertone. Whereas, if your vein looks green, then you are warm-toned. Simple, isn’t it? Got the fundamentals down? Good, then let’s talk about hair colours.
how to choose hair colour for indian skin Courtesy: Instagram| @diamirzaofficial

1. Brown Hair Colour

The rich, creamy and melting chocolate is not only our comfort food but also the perfect hair colour shade to don. Many celebs have been spotted in the chocolate brown hair colour shade time and again. Among all the other hair colour ideas, this one is the perfect shade to go for if you want to be in your comfort zone and not get all whacky with your mane. People with warm skin tone can opt for the While the cool skin tone can go for a more natural tone like the BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour In Coffee, Natural Brown.
which hair colour is best for indian skin tone Courtesy: Instagram| @saiyami

2. Burgundy Hair Colour

For all you olive and dusky skinned beauties out there, burgundy is your calling! The burgundy hair colour has been setting trends and how! It is the new buzzword in the hair colour world. A pleasing combination of red and purple, it complements the Indian skin tone just perfectly. It is not surprising to see Bollywood celebs like Katrina and Saiyami opt for this hair colour shade. This hair colour idea is a must try, especially if you have a cool skin tone. Go get those luscious stunning strands of burgundy at home with the
which hair colour is suitable for wheatish skin Courtesy: Instagram| @gaurikhan

3. Black Hair Colour

Your Instagram feed is often flooded with blondes and brunettes, but do you know the one rich hair colour shade that is often ignored? The sizzling jet black hair colour! Doesn’t your crowning glory seem magical when you don that perfect shiny black hair colour? Plus if you are just looking to cover up some irritable greys and receive the best grey coverage but don’t want to experiment, then the black hair colour shade will be the best fit. Play it safe with the If you don’t want a jet-black hair colour shade and want to add a dash of mild blue to it, then try the
what hair colour is right for indian skin tone Courtesy: Instagram| @parineetichopra

4. Red Hair Colour

Red can be quite tricky but if you do it right, you won’t regret it. A light red or copper red looks best on fair skin while blue-based reds are suited for olive skin. But if you tend to go red in the sun, it is advised to steer clear of this colour! But, hey! Do not let that stop you from donning this hair colour shade. If you are a gal who loves to experiment then try the This will give your hair extra shine, so colour with pride and get your gloss on as well.
hair colour based on indian skin tone Courtesy: Instagram| @gaurikhan

5. Honey Hair Colour

Always wanted to go down the blonde hair route but found salon appointments a bit over budget? Get this trending hair colour for your mane makeover at a mere price of Rs.185 with the help of the All in the comfort of your home! With this hair colour idea, you can get a gorgeous hair makeover. We hope we have given you a fair idea of which hair colour suits the Indian woman’s skin! For more hair colouring tips, check out How To Apply BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Color.
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