How To Choose Your Hair Colour According To Your Skin Tone

It̢‰s always a matchmaking game when you need to colour your hair! Found the right match? Take your time when you decide to get those tresses coloured, it is a colour that should suit you and reflect your personality and style. For this hair project, visit a stylist you trust to get your look styled.

How To Choose Your Hair Colour According To Your Skin Tone

1. Check your skin tone If your skin tone is brownish or yellowish, avoid shiny colours. If your complexion is more on the pale or cold side, go for shiny colours except for red. You need to colour your hair keeping in mind the shade of your skin. This is the main factor to look for during your colour session.

2. Go Global You can adorn your hair with different shades of a colour you adore. If you want separate colours for your undertones and highlights, you can try different shades on your mane. Make sure that it suits you and makes you stand out from the crowd, in the best way.

3. Stay away from the dark Dark shades on your hair will appear unnatural on your head. Mix two shades to get a better shade which is toned down a bit. Darker shades may seem appealing to you now but once it takes over your mane, you may have a different opinion.

4. Colour the brow Once you have coloured your hair, use the same colour on your eyebrows otherwise your colour will stand out and won̢‰t you give the natural look you have always wanted.

5. Pucker up Now that you are flaunting that gorgeous colour on your strands, your makeup needs to go with! When your hair and lip colour match, girl you got that look on fire!

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