5 Hair Colour Myths

Many of us want to stand out, be it in terms of our personalities, our achievements or our appearance. Some people choose to embrace their natural colour but some like to experiment with a whole range of different hair colours to showcase their inner personalities. Go red, pink, blue or burgundy – as long as that’s what makes you happy! However, with great colour, comes great responsibility. Before we choose to change our hair colour, we need to think about it. There are many myths about hair colour, which make people question their decision to colour their hair. We’re here to make you stop thinking so much about colouring your hair, and make you actually do it! Here are some myths about hair colour that you should be ignoring. 5 Hair Colour Myths 1. Hair Colour Gives You The Grey’s When people start noticing grey hair their reflex action is to blame hair colour. However, that’s not true as grey hair is genetic or stress related. So don’t stress and give your hair colour a break. Don’t blame your greys! 2. Hair Colour Damages Your Hair Don’t ever let the fear of damaging your hair keep you away from that beautiful ombre or ruby red. Silicon based colours are the best to use to avoid any damage to your hair. 3. Hair Colour Doesn’t Last Long Nothing lasts long without some nurturing, care and hard work. No we aren’t talking about a long lasting relationship with your future prince charming. Keep your hair colour nourished and show it some love from time to time. Keep going for touch ups and ask your stylist for good advice and be sure to have a long lasting relationship with your colour, if not with someone else! 4. Hair Colour Makes Hair Thinner This myth is probably the main reason most people keep away from colour. Anything to ruin those thick luscious locks is a taboo! Hair colour doesn’t have anything to do with this. It’s mainly your deficiencies of vitamins & minerals so eat well and embrace your colour! 5. Switching Hair Colour Is Tough For all the experimenters out there who love a little change from time to time don’t stop just because of some hair myth. With the correct hair colour and a great stylist – you’re good to keep colouring on your conditions.
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