How To Get Salon Like Hair Colour At Home

Women love to colour their hair. Everyone craves that soft balayage colour or that transforming global colour, but nailing just the right colour at home is quite a task. Here are some easy tips to get salon-like hair colour at home.

How To Get Salon Like Hair Colour At Home

1. Select The Right Shade It is important to select the right shade so that it complements your skin tone. Choose a shade that is if not completely the same, almost similar to your skin tone. Hair colour that complements skin tone looks nothing short of gorgeous.

2. Choose An Appropriate Kit It is necessary to select a colouring kit depending on what you want. For instance, if you wish to hide your grey hair, select a kit to help you do just that. Be wise when choosing your kit. There are hair colour options in the market that offer 100% grey coverage, if you̢‰re looking to get rid of the grey, go for that option!

3. Avoid Stains On Your Skin Often while colouring your hair, stains remain along the hairline. To avoid this, apply Vaseline or chapstick. Another option could be dabbing some eye make-up remover on the stain to remove it.

4. Ensure Your Hair Is Clean Try keeping your hair as clean as possible before colouring your hair. Clean and dry hair is most suitable for hair colouring.

5. Know How To Apply Hair Colour It is important to apply your hair colour correctly in order to ensure it stays for long. Many times, we apply it wrong and wonder why it has faded so soon. Hence, applying it right from the root is necessary to ensure long-lasting hair colour.

6. Go For The Shine Hair colour often doesn̢‰t give you the shine you want. Along with a great shade, make sure to choose a hair colour that gives you great shine. Shine serums generally do the trick, so for shiny hair at home, make your hair colour decisions wisely!

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