Hair Colour Trends This Diwali

Fall is the season of change, and should be for your hair too! Diwali is just around the corner and we are so excited before the festivities can begin! We’re sure you’ve got all your outfits, shoes and bags covered but why not lighten up with this season’s hottest hair trends as well? Check out the hair colours and get inspired to try something new! Lighten Up With These Diwali Hair Colour Trends

1. Warm Autumn Highlights If your hair is already a rich, dark brown colour, ask your stylist for warm-toned streaks to instantly give it more dimension. The second tone can help give the impression of a volume lift. If you’re especially highlighting your hair in the fall, think more on the lines of, caramel, chocolate and chestnut shades.

2. Sun Kissed Ombre You can get a lovely glow with this hair colour. Ask your colourist to add warm honey tones throughout your hair focusing more on the bottom. Your face will definitely light up with the honey shades.

3. Cinnamon Swirl This style is relatively new and is a huge trend currently. Make sure you go to an experienced colourist for this one as it can be tricky. Ask the colourist, to begin by regularly highlighting and to hand paint brighter bits in the foil for a multi-dimensional look. Combine light brown shades with warm honey tones.

4. Colour Melting If you want to go for a subtle yet multi-dimensional look, try this new technique known as colour melting. The colourist will combine multiple tones to ‘melt’ together and produce a natural light look.

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