Hair Colour Trends This Month

Want to colour your hair in the trendiest colour possible? Confused with the hundreds of hair colour shades available? Don’t worry; we’re here to help out! Fall is the season of change, and that applies to your hair colour too. Hair Colour Trends This Month 1. Mahogany How could a brunette not want hair this sumptuous looking colour? Mahogany is a polished dark brown with earthy red undertones; just perfect for warming up your basic brown shade this summer. 2. Reverse Ombre Are you over the ombre trend? Try out the reverse ombre. This style flips the dark-to-light fade on its head with light roots and dip-dyed tips. The look brings an undeniable punky vibe. 3. Baby-lights The '90s have been trending and that applies to your hair color too. We’re talking about really light highlights. A subtle touch up to your naturally dark hair can give dimension without looking overdone. 4. Shadowed Roots And Progressive Colour The colour is progressive, richer at the root and lighter at the end which creates texture and movement. One color is melted gradually into another which allows different tonal gradation. This technique simulates how the sun lightens hair naturally. This would look great in rich chocolate to amber-honey and into blonde. 5. Dark Chocolate Caramel This is a rich dark brown silhouette with slightly lighter golden-brown ends. This color choice can work for both fair skin and darker features, giving a very natural look. For fair skin, go with cooler tones that are more of an ash brown on the ends. For darker, richer skin tones, go with a golden, warm tone for the ends.
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