Hair Conditioner - When, How & Why Men Should Use It

Conditioner is as important to men as it is to women! To get any style right with your hair, you need to apply some amount of conditioner to smoothen it out and set it. Take a look at all the answers we have for all your conditioner questions. Hair Conditioner - When, How & Why Men Should Use It When men should use conditioner? 1. Regular use Ideally, one must condition their hair right after their hair wash. Few times a week is just right, using conditioner daily will only help maintain it. 2. Oily hair or fine hair Since conditioners provide moisture to your hair, men with greasy hair should condition less often. If you use more conditioner on your hair, it will make your scalp oilier and will ultimately clog your pores resulting in hair fall. 3. Dry /damaged or thick hair For people with this texture, using dollops of conditioner on your hair will hydrate and nourish your hair leaving it looking healthy and natural. How should men use conditioner? - After you rinse the shampoo off from your hair, take some conditioner in one palm and rub both your palms together to evenly distribute it. - Make sure to apply the conditioner from the mid to the end sections of your hair. - Leave the conditioner on your hair for a minute or two, for best results. - Use lukewarm water to wash off the conditioner from your hair. And you are done! Dry, comb and style your hair to get your signature look. Why men should use conditioner? Men need to take care of their hair too! Women love to run their fingers through their man۪s hair, so all you men out there need to make sure that you nourish and condition it appropriately. 1. Soothing effect Due to the properties of the conditioners, it helps to soothe and smoothen your hair cuticles making it shiny and silky. 2. Macho look Working out makes your body strong, in the same way conditioners give strength to your hair! They prevent your hair from excessive damage and breakage. 3. Hydrates effectively The conditioner helps to restore moisture back into your hair. This helps leave your hair moisturized at all times. 4. Settles your haircut in The conditioner helps to maintain the shape of your haircut and improves the texture and look of your hair.
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