Hair Extension Myths Debunked Read On To Know More

We love playing with our hair and we love to try new and different hairstyles to accentuate our hair. Especially with hair extensions! They̢‰re extremely popular with girls and women of all ages. They̢‰re available in various colours too and when worn, they add great volume and length to hair. The best part about hair extensions is that they can be styled any way that you want. Go curly, straight or wavy and just have fun with your hair! We̢‰ll bust some myths about clip-in hair extensions that often make many women skeptical about wearing them. Hair Extension Myths Debunked Read On To Know More

1. They̢‰re expensive Clip-in hair extensions are not as expensive as people assume them to be. In fact, they̢‰re very affordable. The cost of clip-in hair extensions varies depending on the quality, texture, length and application. Human hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic ones because they are made from real human hair.

2. Damages hair This is a common myth surrounding hair extensions. If installed at a salon by an expert, hair extensions will not damage hair. It̢‰s also important to follow a proper hair care routine to avoid damage. We recommend removing clip-in hair extensions before going to bed to avoid tangling.

3. Requires long-term commitment Clip-in extensions are very easy to manage and use. They can be removed and attached easily without any hassle. Also, we can experiment with our hairstyles by attaching and detaching extensions as per our convenience. There is no pain involved while attaching and detaching extensions. So, don̢‰t worry, it̢‰s going to be a pain-less experience.

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