Hair Gel: What Is Hair Gel? Here’s How To Enhance Your Everyday Hairstyle with Gel

What is a hair gel?

Hair gel is the most loved product in a man’s dresser! A styling product that can make head turns and keep your hair in place at the same time. It is one such hair styling product which can be used in creating ample looks. Be it men or women this is a product which is loved by all. Hair gel has been responsible for some of the most iconic men’s hairstyles of all time. It is quite a show stopper to create the naturally glossy hair for red carpets, parties or just casually. This hair gel can create looks like 80’s hairstyle, messy hairstyle, sleek hair look, the famous wet hair look or just to add the natural fullness to your hair every time you step out and so much more versatile than you thought it would be! 

The trouble is, even though these are iconic styles, no one really wants their hair to look like that anymore. Because there is a perception about the hair gel that it might weigh your hair down, make your hair sticky or the product being so visible that it makes too obvious of wearing a hair gel. The old school hair gel might have fallen out of fashion, but it’s never really gone away. BBLUNT’s Gel Oh Natural Hold Gel is the perfect option for that naturally glossy and shiny hair. This product is extremely light on your hair and set it right at the same time. 

Hair gels which are lighter in weight are the best to create that wet, crispy look. They’re easier to apply (a pea-sized amount is enough) and deliver a more natural look and flexible hold, especially when paired with a hairdryer. The gel is ideal for anyone with wavy, curly, or coarsely-textured hair because it can hold a curl without weighing it down. It’s effective as a spot treatment, smoothing sides and taming cowlicks, and when used properly, still won’t make your hair look like a helmet. They’re especially effective any time you want to shine, like for a classic movie star side part, but without the weight of pomade.

If you consider gelling the hardest working product in your vanity then you may want to switch to BBLUNT Gel Oh! Natural Hold Gel and you will use this hair gel to even create an everyday hairstyle. This is the best gels for men of any hair type and a few gel alternatives if you’re not ready to go back quite yet.

How to use men’s hair gel?

Grab a coin-sized amount of gel on your palms and apply it on dried or damp hair, evenly. With the help of your fingertips, you can create the desired hairstyle. Now, blow-dry on medium heat to set the hairstyle. This will give your hairstyle a more structured and fine look. 

Messy look hairstyle with hair gel 

We all know that guy whose hair is always on the right side of messy. The one who says, “ this is my just rolled out of bed”. The best-kept secret behind this messy hairstyle is none other than BBLUNT Gel Oh! Natural Hold Gel. To achieve this messy hairstyle, opt for wax or matte pomade and sparingly work it into your scalp with your fingers, adding volume. Complete this hairstyle by adding the product to the ends, giving it a textured and wild finish. This is an excellent option for a day at the office or a wild night out at the bar!

How to choose the right hair gel?

Choosing the right hair gel is quite simple - check the consistency of the product and your hair type. The thinner and smoother the gel, it's always better! In case you’re a little confused you can go ahead with Gel Oh! Natural Hold Gel which is suitable for all hair types. It gives the perfect shine and gloss to your hair which makes your hair look naturally glossy & set to perfection. This hair styling gel also provides protection and reinforcement against pollutants and adverse Indian weather. It is one such hair styling gel which gives you that wet, shiny look without the product being visible on your hair. Some hair gels tend to make your hair thick and you can easily identify if someone has worn any hair gel. With Gel Oh! It's different, it gives naturally shiny hair with your desired hairstyle. 

Best hair styling gel 

If you haven’t tried BBLUNT Gel Oh! Natural Hold Gel it's about time you do - you are missing out on so many fun hairstyles! This hair styling gel can be your best-kept secret for all those stunning hairstyles which can make heads turn! The best part? Women can also achieve certain looks with this hair gel. Yes, you read that right! For that perfect red carpet wet hair look or to create a sleek hairstyle, Gel Oh can be extremely helpful as a styling product for your hair. Grab a coin-sized amount on your palms and run it through your styled hair. This will add that wet look to your hair without your hair being greasy or actually wet! This hydra-gel has been proven to lock in the moisture from the gel to up to 12 hours! This is hands down the best hair styling gel which gives you the great gloss and natural fullness. BBLUNT Gel Oh! Natural Hold Gel is specially created for Indian hair with a unique colour protection formula. This ensures your hair coloured hair isn’t affected by the style you create using this hairstyling gel. 

This hair gel for men has been tested in salons and is safe on coloured hair as well. It contains no sulphate, no SLS and no silicone as well. The BBLUNT Gel Oh! Natural Hold Gel is priced at INR 550 with 150 ml of quantity. 

You can buy this hair gel online on and get your hands on this and other exciting styling products as well. 

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