Valentine's Day Has Got Us Thinking

Are you ready to get your style on this Valentine’s Day? We have got some kickass hair ideas for your special date. These easy hairstyles will look good with any outfit you decide to wear. Take a look below and freeze on your V Day hairstyle Valentine's Day Has Got Us Thinking half up hairstyle 1. Half-Up This is easy to style and looks good with every hair type. To make it Valentine ready, add some matte red lipstick. slicked back hairstyle 2. Slicked Back Take a bit of gel and water to slick back your hair into this style. Wet down the top of your hair and begin brushing it back. Add some styling gel through your hair, till it’s fully coated. This is a sexy romantic look for your V Day date. loose curls hairstyle 3. Loose Curls Keep your look carefree and fabulous with loose curls. Use a curling wand around the bottom section of your hair and release it to form curls. Spritz on a bit of BBLUNT Spotlight Shine Polish For Instant Shine and you are ready for the night! low bun hairstyle 4. Keep It Low Pull your hair back into a bun and braid the front strands. This messy braid look is great for a quiet romantic dinner with your boo. Check out the best hairstyles from BBLUNT Salons.
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