4 Hair Packs That Will Guarantee You A Break From Those Split Ends

Get your hair packed with all the nourishing ingredients with your very own home made hair packs! For all the damage your hair has gone through, it is time for you to revitalise and rejuvenate your hair with these natural ingredients that will help prevent breakage and improve your hairs health. Happy hair means happy you, so do what you can to get healthier & happier hair. 4 Hair Packs That Will Guarantee You A Break From Those Split Ends 1. Go Bananas This pack will help with those split ends. Mash up a banana well and add a tablespoon of almond oil and start mixing. Thats it! Apply the pack to your hair from the scalp to the roots to the tips, leave the paste on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse it off with shampoo or soda water and see the difference! 2. The threesome Beat an egg and mix it up with 1 tablespoon of honey and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. The pack is ready! Just apply it evenly over your hair and cover your hair up with a shower cap. Leave it on for 15 minutes before you rinse it off. This pack helps prevent split ends from re occurring. 3. Yes to Papaya To create this pack you need papaya and yogurt. Cut the fruit up in small pieces. Blend it together to form a paste and then add half a cup of yogurt to the paste and mix it up properly. Apply the entire mixture onto your hair and let it stay on for a few minutes before you rinse it off. The pack not only prevents split ends, but also makes your hair look long and luscious. 4. Fenugreek seeds will help your hair Take a tablespoon of the seeds and half a cup of black lentil and grind it up to create a fine powder. Mix it up with half a cup of yogurt and apply to your scalp and hair. After 30 minutes, you can rinse it off. The seeds prevent split ends and help nourish your hair at the same time.
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