7 Hair Mistakes You're Making That Make You Look Older

Do you know that hair and age are directly related? Over styling or the wrong haircut can make you look much older than you already are! Get the right hair advice from your hairstylist to make your hair look your age. 7 Hair Mistakes Your Making That Makes You Look Older

1. Less is more Using a lot of styling products can make your hair look oily and wet. This will make you look 10 years older! Go easy on the styling products, use the correct mentioned quantities to ensure your hairstyle looks fresh and young.

2. The wrong hairstyle can make you look twice your age. Getting the right hairstyle basis your personality and daily lifestyle is crucial. Maintaining it to look the way the stylist created it for you is also essential.

3. No more splits Split ends make your hair look dull and also make you look older than you are. So trim those ends off and embrace your age. Regular haircuts are a must-have. Keeping your style refreshed will not only make your hair look good, but it۪ll also make you feel good as well.

4. Colour that suits you The wrong hair colour also adds years to that face. If you have a dusky skin tone, stay away from bright colours. Bold black colour does not complement a very fair skin tone. So when you think of colouring your hair, keep your skin tone in mind.

5. Va Volume Less volume to your hair will make it look limp and dull. This also makes you look much older than you are. Hair masks, the right shampoo, the right haircut and an accurate diet will help build up that volume you need.

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