5 Hair Myths We've Been Following

Ever believed a story which is not true? Myths are something we all get trapped into. Especially when it comes to hair, you would believe everything said by our ancestors. Anyway, are you sure you have been following the right hair myths? There are about hundreds of hair myths out of which eighty may be false. Be smart when it comes to believing myths and choose the right one to follow. Here are a few hair myths that we have debunked! 5 Hair Myths We’ve Been Following 1. If You Use The Same Shampoo Every Time It Will Eventually Stop Working A very common myth most people believe. A shampoo will cleanse the same even if you use it almost every day for years! However, it’s fun and exciting to try out a new shampoo but stick to it if your hair starts loving it. 2. Hair Health Will Be Maintained If You Brush Your Hair 100 Times A Day Apart from 100 times being too exaggerated, the truth is that brushing creates friction on hair which leads to cuticle damage, breakage and can also make your hair look frizzy. Brush your hair enough so that the oils are being distributed evenly throughout your hair, but don’t brush it too much. 3. Pluck One And Two More Will Grow In Its Place Yes! We are talking those grotesque greys! Grey hair could also be referred to as Mother Nature’s highlights, but no! Plucking them out won’t affect the other greys. However, plucking may create scarring that can lead to thinning so just avoid plucking them all at one time. 4. The Infamous Brush v/s Comb Debate Only use a comb over your wet hair and not a brush? Not true people. In fact brushes are much quicker and easier on the hair. A quick trick is to mist a leave-in conditioner to coat the hair shaft and ensure that there’s no frizz once it’s dry. This will allow your brush to enjoy sliding through your hair easier. 5. Condition Only Your Ends Most conditioners read “apply the conditioner only to your ends”, while fact says “the healthier sections of your hair also require conditioning”. Applying conditioner to the ends prevents it from damaging while there’s no one taking care of the healthier sections of your hair. So instead of fighting your constant battle of damaged ends, fix the problem before it starts by applying conditioner from your mid-lengths to the ends. To get the right amount of moisture, be sure you choose a conditioner specially formulated for your hair type.
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