Which Hair Products You Must Stay Away From

Buy me. Use me. Talk about me. With so many hair products in the market, it’s hard to know which ones are safe to use! Before you buy your hair products make sure you take a good look at the ingredients. Take a look at the products you must bid a cold goodbye to! Which Hair Products You Must Stay Away From 1. Silicone Based Products This gives the illusion of healthy hair but it actually further dries out the hair from the inside. Silicone makes your hair shaft shiny and smooth from the outside but it prevents the nutrients from conditioners to enter the hair shaft. So next time you buy a shampoo and conditioner, make sure its Silicone free. 2. Don’t Chug! Stay away from alcohol based hair products if you want your hair to feel hydrated at all times. Most styling gels and spray contain visible amounts of alcohol. Alcohol in general is a very drying ingredient for the hair. To keep your style in place and let your hair look healthy, go for alcohol free hair products. 3. It’s Not Just Protein Conditioner combined with protein is fine, but just protein in the ingredients is the worst thing for your hair. Always use a combination of moisture and protein. Too much protein or just protein will cause the hair to break while combing, as it loses its natural elasticity. So if you don’t want straw like strands, change your protein shampoo brand. 4. Fragrance Is Scary If your hair products just list fragrance as an ingredient, stay away! This means that it can contain more than 4,000 separate ingredients. Most studies show that fragrance can affect the nervous system leading to many health issues.
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