Hair Serum: The Ultimate Guide To Knowing Hair Serum and How To Use It

Are you tired of using different hair products and still not satisfied? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place. You don’t have to look further for your problem, as we have got the ultimate guide on hair serum. Now you can get rid of all your hair problems by saying yes to a “Hair Serum”. Yes, you read that right. Hair serum is the solution for all your hair problems if used correctly. As it turns out, you may be missing out on one key product with major multitasking hair benefits—hair serum! Packed with a concentration of active natural ingredients, hair serums can effectively smooth, soften, and protect the hair from environmental hazards so that your hair stays sleek and shiny all day long.

What Is A Hair Serum?

Hair serums are incredibly versatile and are best to solve all your hair problems with just a few pumps. Hair serums are made to coat your hair cuticle, to help strengthen your hair and each strand. Hair serums, unlike hair oils, penetrate the hair cuticles and cause changes to the hair structure. Your hair is exposed to the sun, pollution, dust and different weather every single day. The harmful rays, pollution can cause damage to your hair. That is the reason why hair serum comes in to help your hair look its best all the time. 

To help your hair fight frizz, dirt and make it manageable we have an amazing hair serum which solves all your hair concerns and adds more goodness to your hair. BBLUNT’s Intense Moisture Hair Serum is made to deeply nourish your dry and rebellious hair. As the Indian weather is humid, the hair can be rigid, rebellious and make your hair look like a frizz ball. 

The Intense Moisture Hair Serum is enriched with Jojoba, Vitamin E, Hydrolyzed Keratin, and Wheat Germ Oil. These ingredients make the hair serum one of a kind by providing intense moisture, hydration and strength to your hair. The goodness of these ingredients reflects on to your hair once you apply it and makes your hair feel like a million bucks. 

How To Use/Apply A Hair Serum?

Love your hair on the days when it needs the most by adding the extra boost of nourishment and gloss to make your hair smoother, more manageable and nourished. BBLUNT’s hair serum can be used on damp and dry hair on a regular basis. But did you know that you can use it as a great hair styling product? Yes, you read that, right! BBLUNT’s Intense Moisture Hair Serum can be great while styling your hair. Here’s how to use a hair serum: right before you do a quick hairstyle apply 1-2 pumps of it on your hair and this hair serum promises you the best results. 

hat Is The Difference Between A Hair Oil and Hair Serum?

Often people have mistaken hair oil for hair serum and have used oil as a serum. Allow us to break that up for you, hair oil and hair serum both nourish your hair and provide hydration but the difference is hair oil is to be used before the shower and hair serum post the shower. Imagine if you apply hair oil post your shower on damp hair, you will end up getting oily, sticky hair which will affect your hair appearance. Hence, choose the right option for any routine, be it pre or post. 

Benefits of A Hair Serum

BBLUNT’s Intense Moisture Hair Serum for women helps you to add shine and nourishment to your hair, turning your bad hair days into good ones. The benefits of hair serum are: it protects your hair from harmful sun rays, prevents your hair from breakage and being brittle, controls damage and one of the best parts is that it helps to detangle your hair easily. This hair serum is suitable for hair washed with hard water as well. Since hard water is a common problem in India, BBLUNT developed a range that defends against hard water and pollution. A range that leaves your hair soft, shiny and manageable. 

BBLUNT’s hair serum has one more amazing feature protection against heat styling. While we are aware there are a lot of heat protectants available online but providing heat protection being a hair serum is quite unique. The Intense Moisture Hair Serum is the best moisturizing hair serum for any type of hair. No matter if your hair is curly, frizzy, straight, wavy or stubborn this hair serum can act like drops of gold. This best hair serum not only nourishes your hair but also protects from environmental hazards and provides UV protection. The best part? BBLUNT’s hair serum has no parabens, no sulphates, no SLS and is not tested on any animals. 

Tips To Use A Hair Serum

To make sure you get the best experience and results out of this hair serum - take a coin-sized amount into your palms, apply it evenly focusing on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair and then you can style as desired. This serum works best on damp hair and also right before you style them. 

BBLUNT’s Intense Moisture Hair Serum comes in an easy-to-dispense, convenient and mess-free pump bottle, which is sturdy and convenient to use. This hair serum is specially created for Indian hair to protect from heat styling damage. Using a lot of heating tools can sometimes burn your hair, make it frizzy and brittle.

 Hence, apply a few pumps on your hair strands right before you style them. For best results, use it with BBLUNT Intense Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. This best hair serum is priced at INR 500 for 75ml of the product. A hair serum that is so versatile and can solve all your hair concerns is not less than a blessing in your hair vanity. With the goodness of Jojoba, Vitamin E and Wheat Germ oil, your hair will feel softer after every use and provide deep moisturization as well. Get this hair serum in your hair vanity today to combat all the bad hair days instantly. 

You can buy this hair serum online at which has a variety of styling products specially created for Indian hair.
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