5 Hairstyling Tips For Men To Embrace Their Long Hair

Before you decide to have long hair, it is important for all you men to know the care it requires! If you are ready to care for this macho look, then grow it out. Here are a few tips to follow to rock that long, disheveled and sexy mane! 5 Hairstyling Tips For Men To Embrace Their Long Hair 1. Check up on your tools For that long hair, you need the right tools! A wide-toothed comb and high quality hair brush with natural bristles are essential. For a ponytail, buy some cloth coated bands instead of the elastic ones, as those tend to damage the hair. 2. Shampooing and conditioning is a must Based on your hair type, use the right shampoo and conditioner. Before you start washing your hair, use a wide- tooth comb to brush out all those knots. Massage your scalp for a good two minutes and rinse out the shampoo once done. Use your comb to detangle and smoothen your hair before you apply the conditioner to it. Wash your hair with lukewarm water to keep the natural oils intact. 3. Swim much? If you are a swimmer, prevent your hair from getting damaged by the chlorinated water by using leave-in conditioners and clarifying shampoos before and after you swim. 4. Get a Trim To get that damaged part out of your hair, a trim is required. Every six to eight weeks you must get a trim from your stylist. To keep that hair long, it needs to look healthy as well. 5. Be Healthy Your diet reflects on your hair! Lots of water, green vegetables and the right vitamins get your hair looking long and strong. So take care of that body of yours, and it will take care of your hair.
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