How To Embrace Your Hair Texture The Right Way

Have you got locks to rock or waves to flip? Either way, your hair texture can do lots more than you think. The key to amazing hair is really owning your look and embracing your texture the way it is. Take a look below to see your mane potential. How To Embrace Your Hair Texture The Right Way 1. Fine Hair To work with your natural texture, you must add curls or waves to give your hair more body. To really embrace your texture, get a haircut. The long or the short bob are both great to build weight and fullness to the hair. To add extra volume to your hair, spritz on some volumizing spray or a cream based product. 2. Thick Hair The right haircut does the trick with your thick texture. You need a cut that will give you shape and help manage the volume. Layers, undercutting and texturizing can work wonders for your mane. Thick hair lets you try a whole lot of stylish hairstyles. 3. Wavy Hair To get rid of the frizz, try a more lasting solution than just straightening your hair. Get a layered haircut to remove the weight and flaunt your natural texture. Use alcohol free styling products to tame that frizz and get smoother looking waves. 4. Curly Hair When you’ve got such rocking curls, why tame them? Don’t straighten out your locks, expose them! Focus on making those curls fuller and smoother with curl defining serums and sprays. Make sure your haircuts have longer layers so that your hair doesn’t puff up.
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