5 Tips For Curly Haired Guys

All you men out there get your hair looking great with this hair care routine. Getting that Hollywood hairstyle isnt that tough if you take care of your hair. Make it silky, shiny and hot enough for your lady to run her fingers through it. Check out some hair care tips you should adopt if you have curly hair.

5 Hair Care Habits Indian Men With Curly Hair Should Adopt

1. Get the cold on -We all love a piping hot shower but that is the worst thing for your hair. Hot water strips the natural oils from your hair, leaving it fragile and intensely dry. Wash your hair off with cold water. This will help set your hair better and make it look shiny and healthy.

2. No chemical treatments The more you do to your hair, the worse it gets. Colouring or perming your hair often makes it dull and dry. Use products that have less chemicals, if you really require the treatment. Home- made remedies really lift up the state of your curly hair, by causing no damage.

3. Is your shampoo and conditioner right? The right shampoo for your hair will clean it, and add moisture and elasticity at the same time. Your conditioner should help detangle your knots, set your hair and protect it from damage.

4. Get those tools When your hair is wet, comb it out using a wide-tooth comb to get those tangles out. Those blow drying or other heating tools will only damage and dry your hair. If you prefer a brush to a comb, use a wide-tooth comb. Yes boys, you have to comb to conquer!

5. Eat right The food you eat really does make a difference to your hair. More vegetables, plenty of water, enough of sleep and exercise gets your hair looking shiny and healthy at all times. Lay off the junk, even though we know itll be tough.

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