Age Is Just A Number! 4 Haircuts That Make You Look Younger

News flash: Your youth fix doesn't have to come in a bottle or a needle. Your hairstyle could actually shed years off your look. There's no denying it - your hair and face change as you get older. So should your haircuts! Believe it or not, having the same hairstyle makes you age faster. So ladies, why would you age gracefully, when you can just grow youthfully? Age Is Just A Number! 4 Haircuts That Make You Look Younger classic bob 1. Classic Bob Go for an angled bob cut that ends on the bottom of your jaw line and gets shorter towards the back. If you have fine hair, avoid the angled bob get a straight cut. This will make hair look thicker. If your hair is coarse, soft layers throughout will keep a bob from looking bulky. It gives the face an instant lift. The angle creates an illusion of a sharper jaw and lifted cheekbones, and this helps your face look firmer, hiding the sagging skin. choppy layers 2. Choppy Layers Ask your stylist to cut short, shaggy and chunky layers throughout your hair. The length of the style should end around the middle of your neck. Short layers create fullness and volume, working well for those who have fine hair. The layers help hide thinness and make your face appear younger. soft bangs 3. Soft bangs Ask for soft bangs that are long enough to be pushed off to the side. Bangs not only help draw attention to your outer cheekbones, which gives an illusion of a younger looking face, but also helps hide forehead wrinkles. long layers 4. Long Layers You don’t always have to get your hair chopped off to look younger. Long hair looks great too if maintained well. Due to age, we tend to lose our shine and volume but if we look after our hair well all these effects can be avoided. Ask you stylist to trim your hair and give you minimal layers. Ask for longer layers so you get a nice bounce. This look helps framing your face to make it appear more youthful.
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