Hairstyle Do's And Don'ts For Round Faces

Your face shape is one of the most important factors when choosing a hairstyle, but there are other things to consider too. make sure whatever style you choose also suits your personality and lifestyle. When it comes to round shaped faces, part of the difficulty finding the perfect suitable hairstyle is that round shaped faces are less common than other shaped faces. So, here’s a rundown of the Do’s and Don’ts to get a stunning right shaped haircut for a round face. Hairstyle Do's And Don'ts For Round FacesDo’s

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1. Layered Hairstyle It's about angling layers out the right way—not boxing the face in. That'll make a round face look shorter. Keep them loose, face-framing layers, the first ones beginning slightly past the chin.



2. Long, Barely Visible Layers This haircut lengthens the face and the subtle layers towards the end prevent it from falling flat and instead giving a slight lift. Though, long hair is prone to split ends, so maintenance is necessary.

Don’ts1. Center Parting If you don’t want your facial features to look off, part the hair to the side instead of a center parting which would give the phantasm of wider cheeks and forehead. 2. Curls Having big, tight curls will make your face look wider and more round than the usual. Loose waves would work better than big curls, which would also make your face look slimmer. 3. Avoid Ponytails Wearing a ponytail, with no hair falling on your face does not help in enhancing your facial features. Though there is nothing wrong in wearing a ponytail occasionally. Take a look at Hairstyles That Suit Round Face Shapes.

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