Which Hairstyles Suit Naturally Curly Hair?

Courtesy: HD Wallpapers If you’ve got curly hair, you know the struggle. The struggle of managing, maintaining, and styling curly hair is all too real and it becomes even more difficult in the summer when the humidity and heat strike. But fear not! We at BBLUNT always make sure that you’re in love with your curls regardless of all the obstacles, because in the end, who runs the world? Curls! Check out some of the best summer hairstyles that will make you look on point with your curly hair Kangana Ranaut Curly Hair Courtesy: Voompla 1. Top Knot The great thing about curly hair is that it’s never a dull day. You never have to worry about your hair looking too flat or too thin. Volume is always on your side, so make the most of it! Any kind of top knot or top bun will work great for curly hair because it will automatically look voluminous and full. Just use a bit of the BBLUNT High Definition Curl Defining Leave-In Cream to give your curls softness and a defined shape, and you’ll be set. Preity Zinta Curly Hair Courtesy: Pinterest 2. Short Curly Bob Short bobs are always a good idea for people with curly hair! It gives you a fun and playful look and always feels fresh. The trick with making sure you get the right length is to always leave the hair a little longer than you intend it to look because your hair will curl up and the bounce will make it look shorter than it is. Kangana Ranaut Curly Hair Courtesy: Express Tribune 3. Side Parted Bun The side-parted bun can be the perfect hairstyle for when you need to take things up a notch and give a little chic appeal. Tie your hair in a normal bun and side sweep some of the hair from the front to get the desired look. Use the BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish For Instant Shine to set the look and get that extra shine going for you. Need more tips to style your curly hair? Check out 3 Quick Hairstyles For Curly Hair.
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