Iconic Hairstyles For A New Year’s Eve Party

The much awaited New Year’s Eve party is just around the corner. We are sure that you all have plans to look ‘lit’ at the year-end party and flaunt that super gorgeous look. The sassy dress must be in place and the salon appointments must have been booked way in advance for this big night, but important question, have you thought about your hairstyle? Tired of just the cliché blow dry look or the poker straight hairdo? Don’t fret and check out the most iconic hairstyles that would make you slay that night. Bring in 2018 with a bang! Iconic Hairstyles For A New Year’s Eve Party Mini-Zigzag Part Courtesy: Aaron Richter 1. Mini-Zigzag Part Gone are the days of the aged middle hair parting. Get ready to amp up your style and add oomph to your look with this hairstyle which will make you look like an absolute beauty. Creating an angled part in your tresses will exemplify your look to a great extent. Use the BBLUNT Colour Quickies Clip-On Hair Extensions available in 3 shades to add versatility to your look. Sleek Topknot Courtesy: StyleBuzz 2. The Sleek Topknot This super chic hairdo can do wonders to make you like a Goddess at the party. Those wearing ample of accessories or deep neck outfits, this is the LOOK for you! Flaunt your neckline or the beautiful chandelier earrings with the sleek topknot. Start off by applying the BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish For Instant Shine to achieve the ‘sleek’ and shiny appearance. Then split the length of your hair into two sections, twist them together, and wrap into a bun. Glam Waves 3. Glam Waves Beautiful waves can never go out of style. They always make you look party ready and have a certain charm about them. The simplistic waves teamed with the BBLUNT One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour available in 5 shades can make you look surreal. Hair colour just for a night? Yes please! Add a metallic head wrap for extra glam! Want to know more about the BBLUNT products we’ve suggested? Read Why Choose BBLUNT Products.
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