4 Chic Ways To Cover Up A Bad Hair Day

Bad hair day? We’ve got you covered! Take a look below at these simple hairstyles that will save the day. A quicker solution to a bad hair day would be spritzing on some dry shampoo. BBLUNT’s Back To Life Dry Shampoo For Instant Freshness is your genie in a bottle! Spray on some before you try any hairstyle and you’re fabulous and ready to go. 4 Chic Ways To Cover Up A Bad Hair Day 1. Soft Curls Curls are the best when your hair is a bit dirty. The dirtier the better, ‘cause your curls set perfectly. Even if you decide to wear a beanie or a hat, this hairstyle should be your number one go to. 2. Side Braid For sections of your hair that just don’t set on those bad hair days, braid it up! Even a simple ponytail can look chic as ever with a twisty braid. You can braid the top or the bottom and disguise those bad hair days completely. 3. Hair Bun If you don’t want to leave those hair strands out in the open, just bun it up. Keep it high or low, both are going to look modish and fun. If you have an important occasion to go to, add an elegant bling accessory to that bun and you are done! 4. Plait Please A side loose plait looks great and keeps those bad hair days away. Some glitter or a headband will make your plait look funky and stylish. A fishtail or even a half plait is what you need to get those oily strands away from your face.
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