6 Easy & Gorgeous Ways To Style Short Hair Every Girl Needs To Know

Short hair got nothing on you girls! Take a look at these 6 hairstyles that you can rock with that short mane. With the right amount of product, you can set your hair straight, curly, wavy or any other way you like! 6 Easy & Gorgeous Ways To Style Short Hair Every Girl Needs To Know 1. Tousled Waves Warning: This hairstyle looks hot only when messy! The tousled waves add some style and fun to your look, and not to mention that flirty vibe. 2. Scrunch it up Curl up that mane for a different look! Use BBLUNT’s High Definition Curl, Curl Defining Leave-In Cream and scrunch up your hair for those perfect curls and that bounce. 3. Keep it loose If you have wavy hair, style it in a loose way. Loose waves look natural and stylish for the day and night! The key is not to put excessive product into the hair, and you will get the result you want. 4. Copper Waves Get a blunt cut and add waves and curls from the sides to it. Add some copper colour to add some definition to the look. 5. Sweep it over Keep your hair curly from one side and pin it up from the other side to get those casual curls. This hairstyle is easy to manage and looks amazing for any occasion. 6. Get that knot on top Gather the top half of your hair into a ponytail and twist the lengths to create a knot, and tie it up with a hair tie. Use a few bobby pins if needed, but remember, this look best when it is a bit messy.
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