Hairstyles Perfect For The Monsoon

Monsoons are times when you just can’t avoid frizzy and greasy hair that makes us fall prey to bad hair days. But no need to fret because we have rounded up some fun and interesting hairstyles that are perfect for the rainy weather! Hairstyles Perfect For The Monsoon Mid Height Bun Courtesy: 1. Mid Height Bun A mid height bun or a top knot is a classic and chic way to look spectacular and make your frizzy hair look tamed at the same time. It’s best suited for people with wavy, curly or thick hair. Side-Braided Ponytail Courtesy: pinterest 2. Side-Braided Ponytail The perfect choice for the monsoon! Add a twist to your mundane ponytails with a side braid and let nothing stop you from enjoying the rains. Works best on long hair as it’s easier to braid them. Loose Waves Courtesy: stylecraze 3. Loose Waves A style that never goes out of trend! Brush out your hair in sleek loose waves with soft curls towards the end for a refreshing look. This hairstyle can work from anything casual or formal. This hairstyle requires your tresses to be long to flaunt it right. French Plaits Courtesy: Pinterest 4. French Plaits A style that’s easy and versatile to adapt! French braid hairstyles can be styled upside down or inside out. They are elegant in appeal and best suited for casual occasions. Check out, How To Prep Your Hair For The Monsoon.
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